We have explored many experiments this year in Science class, so have some fun investigating on your own!  Find a topic that interests you.  Challenge yourself but have a good time doing it.  :)

*Use the scientific method while performing your research*  
1. Exhibit --> either a display board or a Slideshow presentation  (1/2)
2. Oral Presentation to the class (1/2)

Here are some helpful websites:

  If you need any help, please come to room 508 at lunch or after school.

Very Important Tips/Tricks/Hints
1. Have fun doing this!  Learn something.  Experiment.  Explore. 
2. What is your Independent Variable?  Dependent Variable?  Constants?
3. You must have proof that YOU did the research for your project.  Have some type of visual evidence i.e. photographs, video clip. 

*** The Exhibit ***